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Shanghai Nanoscience & technology Continues forging ahead towards Internationalization
3rd Shanghai International Nanotechnology Cooperation Symposium, sponsored by Science & Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM), Commonwealth Scientific and industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) of Australia, and organized by Shanghai  Nanotechnology Promotion Center (SNPC), was held successfully at Shanghai international conference centre on November 23,2007. The Symposium has a prominent subject of Creating Cross-boundary Cooperation and highlights internationalism.  More than 500 experts and scholars participated in this event from different institutes and universities of 15 countries and regions such as Australia, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Korea Republi, Finland, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong.  Many outstanding scientists proposed and exchanged their own views on the topics of how to develop cooperation in nanofield and what¡¯s the status and development trend of nanoscience and nanotechnology.  The newest nanotechnology research achievements are also published in this conference.  Prof. Allan. S. Hoffman noted for the father of biomaterials from academician of USA Engineering Academy, Prof. Neil Champness rewarded with Corday-Morgan Medal of United Kingdom Royal Society, and Prof. Songlin Feng from Shanghai Institute of microsystem and information Technology, all presented their latest research results about ¡°Intracellular Drug Delivery with Novel Nanoparticulate Carriers¡±¡¢ ¡°Organising Molecules on the Nanoscale¡±¡¢ ¡°Nano Sensing¡±.  As the 3rd Shanghai International Nanotechnology Cooperation Symposium, The sponsor has initially combined the nanotechnology with the application domains: For example, Nanotechnology & Environment, Nanotechnology& Manufacture, Nanotechnology & Energy. The delegates of industries and scholars have been invited to make speeches to promote communication and cooperation among enterprise ¨CUniversity-Research Institute.
  As one of the characteristic for Shanghai International Nanotechnology Cooperation Symposium, a specially set up international cooperation signing ceremony & workshop on Nov. 23 was to withness the cooperation projects but also to discuss further cooperation opportunities. In this time, cooperation agreement about applications of nanomaterial in environment, energy and health was signed between Shanghai Nanotechnology Promotion Center and Materials Science and Engineering division of CSIRO, Australia. Shanghai University and ESSILOR group of France signed cooperation about nano-optical material application in ophthalmic industry. Exploitation of superparamagnetism nano-microspheres and their application in biological field was signed between Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai allrun nanoscience and technology Co., LTD and Invitek group of Germany. Applied physics research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and center for bioinformatics of Germany signed agreement on studying peptide Assembly and Interactions in thin water films at mica surfaces. Furthermore, many institutes in Shanghai are expected to strengthen cooperation and communication, as won as to explore Nanotechnology application in the areas of  energy, environment and health etc..  In addition,  eight experts from Australia, UK and Shanghai exchanged intention, progress and feeling of cooperation in this workshop, which lay a firm foundation for the future cooperation in the field of nanotechnology between Shanghai and the International.
  • Nano-Cerium Zirconium Composite Oxide Become commercialized   (2004-3-20)
  • Workshop on Novel Nanoelectronic Materials, Components and Technics   (2004-3-18)
  • Controlling material structure at nanoscale makes better thermal insulator  (2004-3-15)
  • New Materials in Store for Memory Market  (2004-3-15)
  • Infineon Says Builds Prototype Carbon Power Switch  (2004-3-15)


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Nano silver particle modified and supported inorganic porous absorptive composite material for air purification and humidity control. It can be applied in indoor environmental protection and treatment.

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